patient. – poems – Bettina Judd

poems, Bettina Judd
Black Lawrence Press, 2014


Do not let her know
belongs to you. – {from} Fill A Woman With Meaning

This, a work of relentless becoming; able to achieve via line break, lyric, and research by association, a personable voicelessness that, with its investigative balm, summons those bodies brutalized by a past of another’s making into the nowness of caring.

The eyes, here, reach into the blank visions of male blindness and guide phantoms home from departure that they may arrive in reader and writer alike to unhaunt, or haunt correctly?, the overlong wait of the black, the female, spirit.

In what is both a clinical indictment and a worshipful reclamation, Judd does not merely brush at fossil, but resets the bone.

Sound a theft, mouth a password. Ghost a balloon popped in a dream. What a carefully wrought, and ongoing, thing, is Bettina Judd’s patient..


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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