VOID SETS – poems – Michelle Gottschlich

poems by Michelle Gottschlich
Monster House Press, 2015


A glitch in understanding
doesn’t know what it causes – {from} void sets

Comforting in their deceptive urgency, the poems, the parenthetical extractions, the half-rescued clarities, in Michelle Gottschlich’s VOID SETS seem conversations overheard by confrontational angels. These are verses that skip funerals to attend ghosts. Here, a thing left is a thing finished. Here, forgiveness and apology are differently godless. If our machines have made place too crowded for exodus, Gottschlich’s direct silences form the discolored language of exit. In the tense sanctuary of this book, I found myself worrying if I’ve made the right impression on my body, questioning why I pray over ‘first thought, first thought’, and wondering if the buttons I press come out of nowhere. Gottschlich is a poet of wrecked nostalgias and of the plainly dressed ongoing and has presence enough to aim the pop-gun away from the departing, or arriving, messenger.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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