person Howie Good, two poems

Howie Good is the author of “The Loser’s Guide to Streetfighting,” winner of 2017 Lorien Prize for Poetry from ThoughtCrime Press.

~ * ~


There was a time
you could hear
the birds everywhere
and you could see
dark clouds of them.

Now, it’s all stone.
It hurts immensely.
The world isn’t ending,
but the emptiness
is the only thing left.

~ * ~


An apparition of the Virgin Mary bubbled up from cracks in the asphalt. Everything was thrown everywhere. It was kind of like living in the midst of a peasant revolt – fire inside, fire outside. I lost two fingers. They are completely gone. Women glance at me and then glance away and shake their heads in pity. The saddest part is the silence. I begin to understand why the octopus has three hearts.

~ * ~

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