person Jennifer van Alstyne, three poems

Jennifer van Alstyne is a Peruvian-American poet and scholar. Recent poetry has appeared in The Citron Review, COG, Crack the Spine, ELKE, The Foundling Review, Paper Nautilus, Stonecoast Review, Sweet Tree Review. She is a regular reviewer for Rain Taxi and Colorado Review. View more at her website:


After Michel Troisgros

shackles of legacy
salmon & sorrel
Thin fillet of rare salmon
the richness of it
Good cream
Black center
The break
The line
The gap



Glenn Gould rocks, hat half covering
turbulent mahogany locks
& antidepressant-filled brain.
perhaps this shield,
full woolen armor,
counteracts the constant
inner cantata which
practiced itself on cerebral
cortex. & gloves kept red iced
fingers from warming keys
of ivory & keys to the heart.
odd then, despite rickety seat
& vocalized performance,
layers lay abandoned dressing
room jumble next to 13 vials
half empty of blue, white, &
yellowed emotion. Stop.



Dear Walter. STOP. Under the weather yesterday. STOP. X-Rays reveal chronic Bronchitis in right lung. STOP. Feeling as foggy as it is outside. STOP. Comfort from dubious doctor. STOP. It would suit you perfectly. STOP. Concerts tomorrow & Monday canceled. STOP. Cannot, will not, leave this room. STOP.




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