person Tara Isabel Zambrano, one poem

Tara Isabel Zambrano lives in Texas. Her poems have been published in Moon City Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, The Healing Muse, Bop Dead City and other journals. She is an electrical engineer by profession and moved to The United States from India two decades ago.



It’s the same mustard day
freckled with gasoline and din,
in shower a body broken
by wisps of steam.

Full of dark circles,
a coffee mug
sits by the sill,
wide open, expectant.

Light mows across the sky –
a mirror of colors,
iron birds with cloudy tails
point the way home.

There is a song thin as rain
over worried mountains
trapped in a latitude
of divided Gods.

Notice the onset of winter,
nervous turning of leaves,
how quickly the night falls,
consumes like love.


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