They Were Bears – poems – Sarah Marcus

poems by Sarah Marcus
Sundress Publications, 2017


Absence is not a magic trick. In this book, there are enterings and leavings and a loneliness that says I am home because I am here. In one wilderness, Cleveland is one big hospital (from No Children), in another, The boar closes the distance (from Damage Ready)

This book will do nothing to curb your addiction to trajectory. As for continuance, I wasn’t sure I could go on after reading the last line of the first poem. Marcus maps her land early.

You will question your body throughout. Body are you wanderer or are you deserter. Are you mouth or are you feast. Body have you devoured my eyesight. Every last bit?

Vastness is local. Ruin, a tourist. Pain a forward thinking journalist still covering the moon as made for man.

Bears are here, are moving in and out of a crowd’s exodus from a costume party for symbols. Some bears are not here, but are sick of being spirits.

I wish I could bring only what I need. But what of the other, dragged as it was for being necessary?

Marcus is a writer of both inquiry and finality. She has stones, not for, but from, the stoning. In the book’s last entry (Revival, Revival), this phrase: Unspell me. I was broken before I broke. This author, she looks back. Such journeys have a following.


review by Barton Smock


book is here:


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